At Eagle Fruit we do things differently. We believe business is about people, about relationships and about reputation. We specialise in the hard to find products and our aim is to satisfy the customer. We endeavour to supply the same commodity all year around. This is why we have offices in Cape Town South Africa, in Nairobi Kenya and also in Cairo Egypt. It means we have supplies from the Southern Hemisphere as well as from the Northern Hemisphere and we are able to supply when the customer needs it. After more than 30 years in fruit exports we know the business. Our customers know us and we have never lost one customer. Although we are accredited as a low risk company, we still believe to do business with a hand shake. Our managers are well trained. Each pallet of fruit we pack is inspected by our staff. This is why we can guarantee the quality of our fruit and why we have developed a reputation of reputability with our pack houses and clients.

“We deliver quality produce all over the world!”